Scrubber Fume Hood - Perchloric Acid / Heavy Acid

Fume Hoods

The FHS series integrates a counter current scrubber with a traditional fumehood design to reduce space requirements, eliminate the need for a remote scrubber and significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs. The standard FHS series unit is capable of removing up to 99% of acidic contaminants up to 500 PPM. These units, originally designed for perchloric acid elimination, are effective in controlling the complete spectrum of industrial inorganic acids including Hydrochloric, Hydrofluoric, Sulphuric and Nitric acids and Aqua Regia.
This compact unit incorporates a scrubber unit located at the back of the fiberglass hood while the scrubber recirculation pump and tank are located in the cabinet area directly below the fumehood workspace. As a result, an integrated fumehood scrubber can be accommodated in the same space as a traditional fumehood.
By providing an integrated fumehood and scrubber design, Plasticair Fan Compnay's FHS series unit offers a far simpler and less expensive installation than traditional fumehood and remote scrubber combinations. Maintenance costs are reduced by the improved accessibility of the scrubber components.
The FHS series has been designed for performance, robustness and longevity. It uses premium quality polyester in the FRP inner casing and bypass louvers to provide the greatest resistance to acidic corrosion while offering greater structural integrity and a wider operating temperature range than traditional thermoplastics.
The FHS series offers more than a powerful emission control solution. It’s crisp exterior design and choice of custom colour options, the attention to detail and careful fabrication by Plasticair Fan Company's craftsmen as well as the rigorous visual and functional quality audit each unit undergoes before leaving our facility means easy integration with existing laboratory fixtures and furnishings.