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Perchloric Acid Exhaust - BVS Series

Perchloric Acid Exhaust Systems

The First order of concern with the design of a Perchloric acid ventilation system is its volatile nature. If Perchloric acid is able to accumulate and crystalize vibration impact or contact with organics can cause highly dangerous explosions. Plasticair Fan Company manufactures the most energy efficient by-pass venturi system with complete provisions for internal washing.

Another main concern is the severe corrosion problem to material such as epoxy coated mild steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel. The most effective materials to fight corrosion attach from Perchloric acid are PVC and FRP 

Systems are best designed to be complete from one manufactures for sole source responsibility. Systems starts at the fume hood outlet and are ducted up through the roof to stack termination point.


  • SAFE exhaust with no moving parts within the airstream
  • Best Efficiency vs. Volume/Static pressure in the industry
  • Specified performance is induced draft up to 5” W.G. (1000 Pascal’s)
  • Corrosion resistant and UV stable FRP stack/venturi construction
  • Freeze protected PVC washing system built into FRP Stack/Venturi
  • All FRP to be 0-25 Flame spread premium quality Vinyl Ester Resins
  • Controls as described under SKYLEEDER – BVS
  • Custom duct with built-in washing stations.
  • Customised for each project
  • AMCA certified injector blower in FRP construction
  • Option for redundant injector blower
  • VFD control available upon request