Plasticair Fan Company | FRP Corrosion Proof Air Movement Equipment

For harsh environments, FRP Ventilation Equipment from Plasticair Fan Company is the right choice to fight corrosion attack. Fabricated Reinforce Plastic Composites otherwise known as FRP, provides reliability, durability and full life expectancy of equipment installed in processes using acids/alkaline, sulfide’s, chlorides and solvents. Our equipment is also a value solution in coastal high sea-salt areas and explosion proof applications.

Plasticair Fan Company can deliver a range of pollution control solutions that offer:

  • FRP Fans up to 60” W.G. and 110,000 CFM in Mixed Flow, SWSI and Axial Flow configurations
  • Perchloric Acid Exhaust with no moving parts in the airstream
  • Scrubber Fume Hoods for Heavy Acid and Perchloric Acid usage. Efficiencies up to 99% removal.
  • High Efficiency Wet Scrubbers and Mist Eliminators. Efficiencies up to 99.99% removal.