BCMPA Series

Low to Medium Volume FRP Fans

Plasticair Fan Company BCMPA Exhaust Fan series has been specifically designed for exposure to gas streams containing corrosive fumes. The heavy duty backward curved impeller and robust housing offer favourable features such as corrosion resistant FRP construction for all gas contact parts, high efficiencies and quiet operations This dependable unit can be used in many challenging industrial application and laboratory exhaust

Available Arrangements

Arrangement 1 – V-belt drive sets 1.5 S.F.

Arrangement 4 – Direct Couple

Arrangement 8 – Drive Coupling

Arrangement 9 – V-belt drive sets 1.5 S.F.

Arrangement 10 – V-belt drive sets 1.5 S.F.

Performances and Available sizes

Four Sizes from 12 BCMPA to 18 BCMPA

Volume capacity up to 5,000 CFM (2,360 L/Sec).

Static pressure capability up to 14” W.G. (3,477 Pa)

Class II, Class III