Mixed Flow - DMF Series

Direct Drive Mixed Flow Fan FRP


Plasticair’s DMF Series of FRP Exhaust Fans have been specifically designed for exposure to gas streams containing corrosive fumes. The rugged mixed flow impeller and robust housing offer favourable features such as corrosion resistant FRP construction for all gas contact parts, high efficiencies and quiet operation. Industries such as Waste Water Treatment, Pulp and Paper, Research Laboratories and Chemical Manufacturing can benefit from this product as it provides Industrial quality, and long life.

Arrangement # 4 - Direct drive option is available only and it is AMCA certified. Our construction is comprised of a UV stable FRP, which provides maximum corrosion resistance and strength

Performance & Available Sizes

Roof Top Mounting - Industrial & Commerical Apllications

Volumes Range 1300 CFM (614 L/S) up to 65,000 CFM (30,680 L/S)

Static Pressure upto 10" W.G. (2488 Pa)

Fourteen Sizes Ranging from 150 to 542