Axial Flow 900 - T Series

Tube Axial Duct & Rood Mounted Exhaust Fans

These are heavy industrial axial flow fans. The 900 Series is designed for roof top mounted or duct mounted. The propellers are nexus lined at the leading and trailing edges to provide resistance against abrasion attack.

Plasticair Fan Company has a complete line of axial flow FRP fans. The two main types Vane Axials (recommended for duct installation) and Tube Axials (recommeneded for end of the line or roof top applications). Plasticair fan company's axial flow fans are of high industrial quality while at the same time maintainng an economical solution to moving corrosive air. Both types are versatile as they can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

These fans best utilzed at light corrosive environments to extreme corrosive environment

Available Arrangements

Arrangement 4 – Direct Couple

Arrangement 9 – V-belt drive sets 1.5 S.F.

Performances and Available sizes

Fourteen Sizes from 915 to 966

Volume capacity up to 80,000 CFM (37,760 L/Sec).

Static pressure capability up to 3” W.G. (745 Pa)


316 Stainless Steel Shafts are standard

Class II, Class III