Mist Eliminator - High Efficiency - E Series

Compact units capable of 80% - 96% removal of acid gas and 99% of 3 micron particulate

The E series of scrubber units from Plasticair Fan Company offers an extremely cost effective, low maintenance set of mist elimination solutions. These units are used in a variety of corrosive control applications, most commonly in the metal finishing industry. In plating applications, E series scrubbers may be used for chrome particulates down to 1 micron in size. The most common configurations incorporate a combination of internal sprays and mist eliminators in conjunction with a coalescer unit. Packed beds are not normally included in these designs. Stringent design and materials selection contribute to the efficiency and cost effectiveness of Plasticair Fan Company multi-stage mist eliminators. E series units are built upon a solid FRP scrubber shell and employ CPVC sprays and piping. Mist elimination sections, operating on the principle of mechanical impingement, use a PVC vane stage incorporating Plasticair Fan Company patented, high-efficiency vane design. The coalescer stage utilizes a polypropylene coalescer pad. The E series offers significant configuration flexibility and Plasticair Fan Company can offer custom designs and material selections for a wide range of applications.

E Series configurations support gas volumes of between 94.4 1/sec (200 cfm) and 28320 1/sec (60000 cfm). In gaseous contaminant applications, 80% removal efficiency may be achieved with velocities of 2.286 m/sec (450 ft/min). For solid contaminants, 99% removal efficiency of 3 micron, or larger, particulates is achievable using air stream velocities up to 10.16 m/sec (2000 ft/min.).